YES to Derma Hands & Hydra Care

Skin cracks, even when slight, are a rather annoying phenomenon which, once it emerges, requires time and certain precautions to be healed. These superficial fissures of the skin, if they can be considered negligible in young subjects, certainly must not be ignored in elderly subjects and in those suffering from particular pathologies such as diabetes or cardiological diseases, to prevent their degeneration and all the consequences of the case.

The skin is the epidermal shield that defends the body from multiple pitfalls, specifically it guarantees:

  • protection from bacteria
  • protection from sunlight
  • limitation of fluid loss
  • regulation of body temperature
  • reception and processing of external sensations (hot, cold, etc.)

An aged dermis finds it more difficult to ensure all these functions, because the typical dryness of aged skin inevitably leads to greater fragility of the same.

Over the years, in fact, the dermis undergoes:

  • Reduced elasticity and tone -> attributable to greater stiffness of the collagen fibers
  • Thinner and more fragile capillaries -> due to reduced skin nourishment
  • Thinner dermis
  • Lack of natural hydration -> due to decreased sebaceous and lipid production
  • Reduced production of sweat and hydrophilic substances in general -> caused by the senile condition

To overcome all these problems by limiting their consequences, DERMA HEALTH has studied two specific formulations respectively for hands and body: DERMA HANDS and DERMA IDRA CARE.

DERMA HANDS: the well-being of your hands at your fingertips!

Derma Hands is the nourishing and restructuring hand cream that acts immediately on the surface layer of the skin thanks to its oily phase rich in oils of vegetable origin such as:

  • SUNFLOWER OIL -> with antioxidant action that helps fight free radicals and prevent cell degeneration
  • SHEA BUTTER -> with extraordinary regenerating properties
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL -> with highly emollient and moisturizing properties

These ingredients are already enough by themselves to offer an excellent external barrier to the aggressions caused by the various thermal, chemical and physical stresses to which the skin is subjected.
The restorative effects of Derma Hands, however, do not stop on the surface, but penetrate deeply to ensure a more effective and long-lasting level of hydration thanks to active principles and natural ingredients such as:

  • PANTHENOL and UREA -> with emollient and super softening action
  • BEESWAX -> with high water repellent and protective power
  • RICE BRAN OIL -> strongly antioxidant and soothing


Apply to the skin and massage gently until completely absorbed.
*DERMA HANDS can be used several times a day as needed.

Give a gesture of softness to your hands and those of your loved ones with Derma Hands.


The DERMA HEALTH experience extends to the whole body with DERMA IDRA CARE, the body cream that is easy to apply and ideal for hydration.
What does a nut of Derma Idra Care contain?
A combination of super “appetizing” ingredients to best nourish your body skin:

  • CALENDULA extracts -> anti-inflammatory property
  • MALVA extract -> soothing properties
  • HELICRISO extract -> antioxidant and protective properties
  • BISABOLOL -> softening and anti-reddening properties, particularly suitable for delicate skins
  • VEGETABLE ORIGIN OILS -> film-forming and nourishing properties

Moisturizing your body becomes a quick and easy routine thanks to the light, rapidly absorbed texture of Derma Idra Care.
DERMA IDRA CARE is a multifunctional cream, recommended for rebalancing the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin, especially in cases of dry skin such as that of the elderly.

Thanks to its emollient, soothing and protective action, IDRA CARE manages to restore the functional activity of the epidermis, giving it greater elasticity, softness and restoring its vitality.


Use two doses for the trunk and upper limbs and two doses for the pelvis and lower limbs, massage until completely absorbed.

For the daily regeneration of your skin, spread a veil of Derma Idra Care on your body!