Non self-sufficient patient and MOUTH CLEANING? Easy with DERMA ORAL GEL

What do mouth cleaning, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems and systemic inflammation have in common


Exactly, maintaining the health of the oral cavity means significantly reducing the onset of multiple related diseases, last but not least, a healthy mouth is also reflected in psychophysical health, because a beautiful smile is synonymous with psychological as well as physical well-being, it helps to acquire greater safety by canceling the relational discomfort deriving from halitosis and neglected teeth.

Cleaning the oral cavity not only serves to eliminate food residues minimizing the risk of infections and inflammations, taking care of the mouth also serves to prevent the bacteria in the oral cavity from reaching the heart through the blood, thus preventing their proliferation in the cardiac tissues triggers of serious cardiovascular pathologies.

Cleaning the gums serves to prevent periodontitis and gingival infections, but it also serves to regulate the level of sugar in the blood, therefore not to aggravate the clinical picture of people already suffering from diabetes, as well as to counteract the occurrence of systemic inflammations such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, broncho-pneumopathies, etc.

Taking care of your teeth serves to prevent dental pathologies, but it also serves not to interfere with the balance of the joints and not to affect the posture, triggering just as many problems such as headaches, back pain, etc.

If for a healthy subject cleaning the mouth turns out to be a rather simple gesture to perform, for a non self-sufficient subject things are not exactly like this. But these complications should absolutely not discourage you and lead you to throw in the towel, because with the special “sponge” – the comfortable disposable DERMA ORAL BRUSH polyurethane pad – you can gently take care of your loved ones’ oral cavity without stress and with excellent results!

DERMA ORAL GEL and the mouth smells of health

Assisting a sick or non self-sufficient person also means helping them in performing oral hygiene, hygiene which ideally should be performed after each meal or at least guaranteed in the morning and in the evening so that food residues do not remain in the mouth for too long, encouraging the proliferation of bacteria , the consequent development of infections and related bad smells upon awakening.

DERMA ORAL GEL mouthwash is perfectly suited for cleaning the mouth of patients whose degree of autonomy is rather limited.
Thanks to its particular consistency, DERMA ORAL GEL is easy to apply, moreover its ingredients act effectively against the bacteria of the oral mucosa without attacking it.

DERMA ORAL GEL in fact contains:

  • ALOE VERA EXTRACT -> with a soothing and repairing action
  • MINT ESSENTIAL OIL -> with antibacterial and refreshing properties
  • ALMOND OIL -> with emollient and moisturizing action


METHOD OF USE: Patient alert and cooperative

  • Have the patient sit up
  • Position the bed rail and place a basin under the patient’s chin
  • Inspect the patient’s mouth to make sure there are no lesions
  • Apply the right amount of Derma Oral Gel dental gel directly to the gums or teeth using the Derma Oral Brush sponge stick
  • Help the patient brush his teeth
  • Rinse with water
  • After rinsing, let the excess water spit into the basin

METHOD OF USE: Non-cooperative patient

  • Lay the patient on their side by placing a pillow behind their back and a pillow between their legs
  • Place a gauze-wrapped tongue depressor between the dental arches to keep the patient’s mouth open during cleaning maneuvers
  • Inspect the patient’s mouth to make sure there are no lesions
  • Spread the right amount of Derma Oral Gel on the Derma Oral Brush foam rubber and pass it on the patient’s teeth, gums and tongue (with great caution to avoid the gag reflex)
  • Wash with water using a suitable syringe
  • After rinsing, aspirate the excess liquid with the oral aspirator.

Mouth cleaning is a duty and also a pleasure with the specific DERMA HEALTH instruments