HOW TO WASH A BEDRIDDEN PERSON: 7 Gestures and 1 Soft Care

> How to wash a bedridden person?
> How to wash a bedridden disabled person?
> What product to use for dry hygiene?

These are the most recurring questions when dealing with special people, but there is one question in particular that must be asked before any other:

“What does it mean to feel prisoners of your body?”.

Living with the constant sensation of itching, with the persistent pain of bedsores, with the discomfort associated with poor hygiene, with an annoying redness, with the unpleasant smell of urine, etc., are just some of the possible problems that a bedridden person , an elderly person who is unable to walk and a person with a temporary physical impairment are faced on a daily basis.

Often the person concerned is unable to report certain conditions, therefore it is up to the sensitivity of the assistant (family member or healthcare professional) to prevent and prevent the occurrence of similar unpleasant consequences.


Faced with the need for washing without rinsing, the imperative is to move towards skin-compatible products that do not cause damage in the event of incomplete removal, if residues remain in contact with the skin.

2 soft Derma Soft walnuts are enough (link to the product in the e-commerce) to appreciate the astringent, moisturizing and soothing properties of the helichrysum and mallow extracts it contains.

Derma Soft is the cleansing foam suitable for all skin types, especially delicate ones prone to irritation. Thanks to its composition, it is particularly suitable for cleansing the elderly who are infirm and/or long-term patients, people with skin problems and for baby hygiene.

The formula based on exclusively natural ingredients makes Derma Soft a perfect cleanser for dry hygiene, to be used without water and without rinsing.

Shower in bed [without rinsing] in 7 simple manoeuvres

Not sure where to start to shower in bed without rinsing? Don’t panic, Dr. Derma will guide you step by step in performing a complete dry hygiene.


  1. Extract a Derma Wipe from the package and dispense two knobs of Derma Soft foam.
    Begin with facial hygiene working from the inside out, continue with the neck and trunk (avoid contact with the eyes).
  2. Take out another Derma Cloth and dispense two knobs of foam continue with hands, arms and underarms.


  1. Remove a Derma Wipe from the package and dispense two doses of Derma Soft Care foam, starting from the thighs and proceed towards the feet – between one limb and the other, turn the cloth and dispense another two doses of Derma Soft Care.


  1. Remove any incontinence aid.
  2. Take a Derma Wipe out of the package and dispense two knobs of Derma Soft Care foam.
  3. Always operate taking care to start with cleaning from the pubic area, and then continue with cleaning the perineum (from front to back).
  4. Take out another Derma Wipe and dispense two knobs of foam, finish with the anal area, turning the person onto their side.


Prestare particolare attenzione alle pliche cutanee e alle seguenti zone del corpo: ascelle, seno, inguine.
In caso di feci, prima di iniziare la procedura di igiene intima, rimuovere con carta igienica o rotolone in carta, estrarre un Derma Wipe ed erogare due noci di schiuma Derma Soft Care, detergere la zona da trattare e se necessario ripetere l’operazione.

Apply the indicated amount of foam in a Derma Wipe, and apply moderate pressure with a semicircular movement, from the center of the area towards the periphery. Do not rinse.
Now that you know how to wash a bedridden person, let Derma Health take care of you too, visit the online shop to give your skin a well-deserved pampering.