Health passes through the mouth = Oral hygiene passes through Derma Oral Wash

Oral hygiene is often underestimated or neglected, this approach is accentuated even more in the presence of bedridden subjects, elderly people suffering from various pathologies, sick people, etc. In some cases, the priority is to contrast and contain the symptoms of the respective ailments through treatments and therapies aimed at healing the person concerned; oral hygiene inevitably takes second place (and sometimes even third, fourth …) floor!
In reality, taking care of the oral cavity is a good habit that goes beyond the confines of the mouth to extend to the health of the entire body, a healthy body, in fact, cannot do without a healthy mouth.
Oral health has important repercussions on the well-being of the entire body and on the quality of life, therefore it is of fundamental importance to give it the right attention. For this reason Derma Health has developed DERMA ORAL GEL, to guarantee everyone and in all circumstances the due and deserved oral health.


Sanitizing the mouth of a non-autonomous patient, whether collaborating or non-cooperating, is a practice that involves some difficulties. Despite the skill adopted by the operator in performing oral cleaning, there are always points that are difficult to reach or in any case operations that cannot be carried out more accurately, because the subject opposes resistance, does not tolerate the maneuvers, etc.

Therefore, to reach all the spaces of the oral cavity and not give up on correct hygiene, DERMA HEALTH has developed Derma Oral Wash, the mouthwash with 0.20% Chlorhexidine for the disinfection of the mouth, gums and teeth.

Thanks to the Chlorhexidine Gluconate-based solution, an effective anti-plaque action is obtained, perfect for the treatment of the periodontium and sensitive gums.

Furthermore, the combination with Xylitol completes the effectiveness of Derma Oral Wash by helping to reduce the formation of caries and promoting the remineralization of the teeth.


METHOD OF USE: Patient alert and cooperative

  • Have the patient sit up
  • Position the bed rail and place a basin under the patient’s chin
  • Inspect the patient’s mouth to make sure there are no lesions
  • Provide one dose of Derma Oral Wash and rinse for 60 seconds
  • After rinsing, the liquid will be poured into the special basin

METHOD OF USE: Non-cooperative patient

  • Lay the patient on their side by placing a pillow behind their back and a pillow between their legs
  • Place a gauze-wrapped tongue depressor between the dental arches to keep the patient’s mouth open during cleaning maneuvers
  • Inspect the patient’s mouth to make sure there are no lesions
  • Fill a dental irrigation syringe with one dose of Derma Oral Wash and rinse the patient’s mouth
  • After rinsing, aspirate the liquid with the appropriate oral aspirator

DERMA ORAL WASH: optimal and comfortable oral hygiene for you and your loved ones