Diaper dermatitis can be a wake-up call for adults with urinary incontinence.
What at first may seem harmless redness of the perianal area are often nothing more than the precursors of the dreaded bedsores.

The main causes of bedsores are:

  • Constant compression of the skin -> as in the case of bedridden people, those confined to wheelchairs or bound to protein impediments, forced to assume the same position for very long times
  • Repeated friction -> given by rubbing with plasters, aids, diapers, etc.
  • Constant humidity -> caused by prolonged contact of the skin with urine/faeces and consequent maceration of the skin

Preventing the situation from degenerating is certainly a necessary act in the presence of certain lesions, prompt intervention, in fact, can prevent the formation of more serious ulcers.

  • Apply special dressings
  • Carry out a thorough cleaning
  • Have the patient assume a different position (where permitted) to relieve blocked areas subject to continuous compression

They are certainly useful operations to avoid more serious skin problems.
There is a further action which, however, can be undertaken upstream, before the onset of important symptoms: apply DERMA PROTECTION ZINC!

DERMA ZINC 10 and ZINC 20 = EFFECTIVE PROTECTION in 2 formulations

PROTECTION is the watchword to prevent damage to fragile skin subject to inevitable wearing conditions.
The problem of incontinence in elderly people is undoubtedly a disabling condition, not only because it affects the performance of daily life, but above all because it involves significant physical discomfort.
Diaper irritations, inflammation of the skin always confined to a humid environment and exposed to the acidity of feces/urine, are problems that must be addressed in advance, before the appearance of deep lesions such as bedsores.
DERMA HEALTH has come up with two specific formulations to offer the ideal barrier against any level of irritation.

Thanks to the presence of zinc, DERMA PROTECTION ZINC 10 and ZINC 20 offer a mild but invaluable antiseptic and astringent action.
Why so precious? Because DERMA PROTECION ZINC, if applied regularly, inhibits the development of infectious and/or pathogenic microorganisms without attacking the skin tissue, which means not having to resort to antibiotics when the infection has already spread.
In addition to the benefits brought about by zinc oxide, such as an effective soothing and absorbing action, DERMA PROTECTION ZINC 10 and ZINC 20 also exert an emollient and anti-reddening action thanks to the calendula extract they contain.
The particular formulation structure studied by DERMA HEALTH, make PROTECTION ZINC a filming cream with a perfectly balanced density, to ensure excellent spreadability and at the same time a valid protective screen for the skin.


After cleaning the affected area, apply the DERMA PROTECION ZINC 10 or ZINC 20 paste and massage gently until absorbed. It can be used several times a day as needed.

Defend the skin of your loved ones with the protective shield of DERMA PROTECTION ZINC.