Derma Health was established in 2013, although its love for people and their well-being blossomed 5 years earlier within the RSA (Health Care Residences).

“Skin to skin” with the guests of what qualify to all intents and purposes as “second homes”, the structures of the “second familiarity”, where particular attention is paid to the psychophysical health of the assisted, Derma Health decides to offer the same familiarity with its products, a pleasant familiarity that feels like skin.

Improving the lives of elderly people and those who take care of them is a serious mission for Derma Health, for this reason its line of dermocosmetics was born and is established for the dual ability to meet 2 fundamental needs:

1) excellent personal hygiene for the patient

2) and convenient to use for assistants (family and professional).

The concept of health shared by Derma Health adheres perfectly to the definition formulated by the World Health Organisation, namely: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and does not consist only in an absence of disease or infirmity.”

It is in accordance with this preventive and health-conserving approach that Derma Health develops its products for oral hygiene, cleansing, hydration and skin protection, because well-being is not a goal to be pursued, but good to be nourished day after day with the right gestures and the right products.

In this perspective, the Derma Health laboratory has been working for almost 10 years to create specific products for the most fragile subjects and always new formulations to promote the healthy beauty of everyone.

A daily and effective personal hygiene is essential to preserve the integrity of the skin and its functions, to prevent diseases and illness of various kinds (including those of the mucous membranes of the mouth and teeth), Derma Health knows it well and now you know it too!

Welcome to the world of Derma Health.