Taking care of body hygiene is for many a daily routine, for some a gesture limited to certain areas of the body (Selective Washing), for others a tiring habit to maintain due to the difficulties related to specific pathologies and conditions of poor or no mobility.

In all these cases, there is only one question to be resolved: when and how to perform body hygiene?

The answer depends on the goal you want to achieve.

If your goal is to keep your skin healthy, fresh and supple, then the answer is: DAILY CLEANSING.

Carrying out regular skin cleansing helps to contain the proliferation of transient flora and to contain the side effects deriving from poor and/or incorrect skin cleansing.

As learned along the skin journey, the skin has a hydrolipidic film that acts as a natural barrier against the onset of pathogenic germs; a sort of invisible film with bacteriostatic and fungistatic function. This natural shield, however, is not sufficient to counteract all the bacteria that normally come into contact with the epidermis, therefore it is necessary to use special products capable of removing harmful microorganisms.

PLEASE NOTE: not all products are the same, or rather, not all products are friends of the skin and its self-sterilizing acid mantle. In fact, many detergents contain surfactants of petrochemical origin, SLES and SLS, PEG, dyes, parabens, silicones, petrolatum, paraffins and other non-natural substances that threaten the physiological PH balance of the skin. These elements, by altering the PH of the skin, risk compromising its immune response, making it more fragile, defenseless and susceptible to irritation, inflammation and infection.

To make no mistake, DERMA HEALTH has created Derma One.

Thanks to this cleanser it is possible to gently remove dirt, dead cells (desquamated), prevent the proliferation of bacterial and parasitic colonies without affecting the good bacteria that live in the stratum corneum.


Derma One is a delicate liquid cleanser suitable for the whole body and for all bodies, because it is compatible with all skin types, especially the most sensitive… and compatible with the environment!

A single bottle for cleansing every part of the body (hands, face, hair, etc.) with considerable savings in money, space and plastic (fewer bottles = lower environmental impact).

Derma One guarantees total hygiene (intimate hygiene included) in 3 simple steps:

1) take two doses of useful product

2) spread it with your hands on the affected area, or with the help of a sponge, even better if with a Derma Wipe

3) rinse with warm water

Thanks to its physiological formula enriched with calendula extract, Derma One is particularly suitable for frequent washing, practical and non-aggressive, it can be used as a shampoo, shower gel and cleanser for external intimate hygiene.

The calendula extract favors, with the triterpenes it contains, the formation of the granular layer, i.e. the layer where skin thickening and keratinization takes place, thus contributing to strengthening its protective function.

Calendula boasts marked healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulant properties; these characteristics explain its wide use in the treatment of wounds, burns as well as in the prevention of inflammation of the skin.

Choose the kindness of Derma One for the respect and cleanliness of your skin.

  • DERMA one

    Delicate cleanser for total hygiene of the whole body, including intimate hygiene